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Providing high end systems for the commercial sector including access control systems, CCTV, intrusion detection and bio security using software interfacing as well as smart phone applications!!


Specialising in Protect BRAVO fog cannons and Solar camera solutions for remote sites. Providing custom security solutions for the building industry using modern technology combining multiple systems for a truly effective outcome.


We provide cost effective security systems, CCTV and monitoring solutions including smartphone connectivity for domestic and commercial applications.

Access Control Systems

Cabling, Card Access Systems, CCTV, Checkpoint Systems, Control Equipment, Detection Systems, Digital Recording Systems, Key Control Systems, Keyless Entry Systems, Master Key Systems, Monitoring Systems, Smart Card Readers!

24Hour Monitoring Centre

Alarm monitoring is a specialised service , both in residential and in the business sector. The triggering of an alarm is a common occurrence in a busy city or suburban area. But they often go ignored by those nearby. That's why it's important to have your activated alarm system monitored by a security company.

System Installation

McNamara Security & Data have specialised in security system installation since 2006.
We provide security systems, CCTV, back to base monitoring for domestic and commercial applications. Alarms, Cameras, Detectors, Intercoms, Magnetic Reed Switches, Sirens, Fog Systems, Vibration Sensors, HD CCTV

                HD & IP CCTV Cameras

Surveillance cameras are video cameras used for the purpose of observing an area. They are often connected to a recording device or IP network, from preventing crime  to proving the culpability of a criminal,
surveillance cameras have so many versatile uses, McNamara Security & Data, specialise in  security & alarm Installation, integrated access and grade 1 monitoring.


The PROTECT Bravo Portable GPRS Fog Cannon, requires only a few minutes to set up and be operational - securing your home, building site or business.

  • Able to cover 700 - 13,000m3 from a single cannon( depending on capacity )
  • Fully monitored unit 'back to base'          ( optional )


McNamara Security & Data  networks are installed and certified to Australian standards to provide guaranteed speed. We can also do wireless point to point data links and hotspots for a cost effective alternative to trenching and covering long distances

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Access Control, Alarm Response, Grade 1 Monitoring, Installation, Integrated Access, Monitoring, Surveillance, Security & Alarm Installation
Network, Video, Wireless
Clubs, Factories, High Rises, Homes, Hotels, Offices, Retail Outlets, Schools, Shopping Centres, Warehouses


Benefits of CCTV

  1. An Effective Deterrent of Criminal intent such as shoplifting and robbery
  2. A tool to monitor staff productivity
  3. Unarguable tool for collation of evidence of events
  4. Reduces Liability Claims
  5. Improves staff morale by reducing the fear of crime

Benefits of IP High Definition Surveillance
over Traditional Analogue CCTV

Resolution: An analogue camera of 600 TV Lines (TVL) equates to about 0.4 Mega Pixels (MP), whereas a standard IP camera of 4MP, can give over 20 times that resolution.

Remote Access: You can login to a secure server remotely, using a web-based interface, to view cameras on PCs or Macs, as well as mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Programs such as LogMeInRescue also allow for remote support and end-user training.

Analytics: The dramatic improvements in hardware have been matched by powerful Analytics Software. Video Management Systems (VMS) can be combined with built in software to allow for applications such as people counting and motion tracking.
Power-over-Ethernet: IP cameras utilise Ethernet cables which allow for Power over Ethernet (PoE), meaning only one cable per camera is required, to carry both power and data. It is also possible to install a device which can allow both IP data and PoE over traditional analogue coax cable.

Hybrid: Hybrid DVRs and NVRs, allows existing CCTV cameras as an option to be incorporated into the HD system. This can significantly reduce the initial costs, and allow a phased approach towards a complete HD Surveillance solution.

Wireless: Should it be impossible to get cable to your camera location, an option of wireless networks is available. (IP Only)
Ease of Use: DigitalSi DVRs and NVRs are simple to use and navigate.


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